Welcome to your Write Young Adult Fiction guide.

Please read this first before starting your course.

Course Overview

The Write Young Adult Fiction course consists of 18 core training modules. Each module is made up of one written lesson and one multiple choice test containing 10 questions.

Please take your time to study each module. You must pass each module test before you can access the next module in the course. The next module in the course will become automatically accessible to you the moment you have successfully passed the previous module test.

If you fail a module test, then you can retake it until you pass. However, once you have passed a test it cannot be retaken. Your results are then permanently recorded in our database.


Try and study for 2- 3 days per week and get into a routine of trying to study at the same time on each day.

For best learning results do not study for more than 2 hours per day and take regular breaks at least every 30 minutes. You can login and out of the course at any time.


Study in a quiet place where you can study without any distractions. If at home then keep the door closed to the room for peace and quiet if others are at home.

Your Course Results

Your course results are calculated as you pass each module. Your overall score is presented as a percentage grade which is an overall average of all of your test results.

You can review your course history at any time during the course to track your progress. If you are studying the course through a learning institute such as a school or college, then your course administrator will also receive a copy of your test results by email.

You can also view any test questions that you got wrong through the incorrect answers area.


Tell friends and relatives you are doing the course as they will help to motivate you and be more understanding if you do not have as much free time as normal.

Make sure you are thoroughly prepared and ready to take the test at the end of each module. Each test can be taken as many times as needed until it has been passed, however you must complete each test in one sitting.


Each time you take a test your results are recorded in our database and make up your overall percentage score. On successful completion of a module test you will be able to see any answers which you got incorrect from your course profile page.

Your Certificate

When you have completed all 18 tests you will be awarded your Write Young Adult Fiction Certificate of Achievement!

A digital PDF version of your final pass certificate will become available for you to download from here immediately on passing the course.

You will need self-discipline and motivation to study for the course. It will help to keep thinking of your long term goal to write successful young adult fiction books.


Keep your own notes as you read the information on the screen, this will help you remember and also assist you in the tests.


Depending on your learning style you might find it easier to read a module first and then to reread it slowly making notes about the most important points.

Bonuses & Networking

The moment you register to the Write Young Adult Fiction course, you also receive automatic access to our additional training materials and our networking area.

Remember, if you have any questions or queries please get in touch: