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Module 1

Introduction to Young Adult Fiction

In Module One we take you on an exciting journey inside the fascinating world of young adult fiction. You’ll uncover the vital ingredients that are present in every successful YA book and you’ll discover what you need to make your young adult fiction novel unique. We will delve into all the fascinating genres of YA fiction and we’ll touch upon vital topics such as using diversity in YA and much more. Each interactive module is packed with insider intel, action points and eloquent hand-picked examples to make your learning fast, fun and effective.

Module 2

Finding Your YA Idea

In Module Two you will get specific strategies for generating unlimited ideas for your YA novel. Then, we’ll give you our proven framework for choosing the right idea.  You will get a variety of YA story prompts and we’ll show you how to make ‘Writer’s block’ a thing of the past! You’ll learn how to beat S.N.I syndrome, and you’ll discover effective techniques, such as the B.I.C method, for creating the time and space to write in your busy life. Throughout this packed module we’ll tap into and harness inspiration from every angle to get you started quickly.

Module 3

Developing Your YA Idea

Turning a tiny idea into the next big thing is no easy feat, but Module Three has you covered. Through this loaded module you’ll discover how to take a simple idea, fine tune it and then turn it into something brilliant! We’ll show you how to spot a bad idea, how to find your perfect YA writing style, how to plan your story like a pro and how to weave a theme into your writing. Then you’ll learn how to tie your subplots together like an intricate knot, how to craft your unique hook and so much more.

Module 4

Writing Young Adult Character

Nothing makes a teenager reject your story faster than weak characterization. But, by the end of Module Four you will have learned the professional techniques that best-selling young adult writers use to create believable characters that teenagers identify with at a deep emotional level. It’s a critical module that is packed full of insider intel, specific hand-picked examples and action points that will enable your YA character building skills to flourish. Weak characterization will never be a problem for you again after this comprehensive module!

Module 5

Writing Young Adult Setting

Module Five takes you through a range of techniques for creating a myriad of settings, from the tiniest towns to spectacular realms. You’ll discover the crucial elements present in all successful YA settings. We’ll take you through the world-building and map-making techniques used by the Pro’s and we’ll give you specific YA Setting exercises to follow. You will also learn the correct way to use the senses in a young adult story (most beginners get this wrong). Throughout the module you’ll be privy to lots of eloquent examples that clearly illustrate each key learning point.

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Module 6

Writing Young Adult Plot

In Module Six we cover every element involved in plotting your young adult story, including: plot, subplots, plot twists, plot series and pacing. By the end of this packed module you will know the secrets to crafting plots that suck your teen readers into your story, keeping them gripped, and building climax. Includes lots of lively examples of YA novels that are exceptionally well-paced and plot-driven. Plus, you’ll get exclusive action point exercises to hone your skills even further.

Module 7

Writing Young Adult Structure

Even with incredible characters and a strong plot your YA novel will still fall apart if your story lacks structure. In this powerful module we turn tradition on its head and show you how to build a strong story structure for maximum effectiveness.  You’ll discover how to utilize the different structure types to add more dimension to your stories and we’ll reveal unusual structures you can use to jolt the imagination of even the harshest teenage critic! It’s a module packed full of expert advice, with lots of lively examples of well-executed YA structures for you to learn from.

Module 8

Writing Young Adult Dialogue

Many young adult novels contain amazing character and plot only to be let down by their weak use of dialogue. In Module Eight you’ll learn everything you need to know about writing convincing teenage dialogue! You’ll discover how and when to use profanity, slang, humor and dialect. You’ll get professional tips for quickly invigorating existing dialogue and we’ll give you a mini masterclass in teenage body language that will bring your words to life. Plus, you’ll be privy to lots of carefully chosen examples of good and bad dialogue in young adult fiction today, along with powerful exercises that quickly strengthen your dialogue writing ability.

Module 9

Writing Young Adult Voice

A strong narrative voice will set your young adult story apart in a way that even the most exciting plot or beautifully crafted sentences cannot. Through this comprehensive module you will fully understand what ‘voice’ is and what it is not. You’ll know how to construct the right voice for your story and you’ll know how to use a range of narrators and tenses that hook your teenage readers in from the very first page. Module Nine is a critical module with lots of colorful examples and exclusive exercises to help you become a master of teenage voice!

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Module 10

Contemporary Fiction and YA Memoirs

Module Ten examines the wealth of inspiration and sub-genres that can be found in contemporary fiction. In this module, we’ll be looking at the lightest of topics to the darkest, including how to utilize romance and humor for young adults. We’ll also show you how to accurately write on sensitive topics such as sex, and how to tactfully deal with more complex issues (that many YA writers shy away from), such as drug use, sexual abuse and eating disorders. We will also be covering the ins and outs of young adult memoirs, and how you can transform your past into a bestseller!

Module 11

Historical, Paranormal and Non-Fiction

Teens aren’t interested in reading about dull, dry history, dreary non-fiction or yet another Twilight-esque paranormal novel… but they will jump at the chance to read well crafted, engaging historical novels, non-fiction that deals frankly with the experiences they are facing and paranormal that bucks the cliché. In Module Eleven we’ll show you everything you must do (and everything you shouldn’t do) to produce masterful work that stands out in these areas. Along the way you’ll discover effective research techniques that ensure your writing shines and so much more.

Module 12

Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror and Dystopian

Teenage readers are ripe for suspense, gore, violence, blood and guts. So, in this thrilling module we’re going to give your teen readers the action they crave! You’ll discover how to write everything from pulse-racing mysteries, to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, to heart-pounding horror, to unconventional dystopian novels. You’ll discover how to put your teens in peril while keeping your stories realistic, how to craft intricate puzzles for your readers to solve, how to add twists and turns, raising the stakes, infusing high drama, making your fiction stand out from the crowd and so much more.

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Module 13

Fantasy, Magical Realism, Science Fiction

In Module Thirteen we remove the shackles of realism and let your imagination soar as we explore the world of Fantasy, Magical Realism and Science Fiction. As you progress through this spellbinding module you will learn how to structure your science fiction and fantasy stories correctly. You will use practical techniques to construct your own imaginary worlds and you will discover the questions you need to ask to create your own fictional civilizations. You’ll discover where and how to research your facts to ensure believability, how to use it to add richness to your writing and so much more.

Module 14

Writing Your First YA Draft

Writing the first words can feel like the most difficult ones of all, which is why Module Fourteen covers everything you need to know about writing your first young adult fiction draft. You’ll discover effective techniques for overcoming writer’s block and banishing perfectionism. You will learn the professional tricks and techniques for crafting a killer opening, ending your first draft, getting your story length right, creating the perfect pitch for your book and so much more. This module contains essential material for any aspiring YA writer.

Module 15

Making Revisions: Thinking Big

The first in our series of editing modules, Module Fifteen takes you step-by-step through the process of dissecting, assessing, organizing and restructuring your first young adult fiction draft. We will tackle structural issues in your manuscript, fix any plot holes and kill your darlings for good!  You’ll also discover how to find the perfect title for your young adult story with examples of real-world YA titles that really pack a punch.  This is an essential module brimming with practical revision tips. 

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Module 16

Making Revisions: Thinking Small

In Module Sixteen, we’ll show you how the professionals methodically tackle the editing process with ease and how to catch things in your manuscript the untrained eye can’t see. By the end of this comprehensive module you’ll know how to self-critique correctly, how to effectively proofread and you’ll have a YA manuscript that is well on its way to perfection. We also provide you with a full revision checklist that you can download and use at anytime.

Module 17

Discovering Your YA Writing Community

Writing a novel can feel like a lonely pastime, but after Module Seventeen you won’t have to do this alone anymore! We’ll show you how and where to tap into extremely vibrant young adult writing communities and gain the support and inspiration you need on your creative journey. You’ll also learn how to find invaluable critique partners, how to give and receive critiques, how to build a solid social media presence, how to win at Twitter pitches and writing contests, and we’ll reveal the simple steps you can take right now to create a strong name for yourself before your book is even published.

Module 18

Getting Your YA Fiction Published

You may have written the finest YA manuscript to date, but without understanding the business-side of writing your chances of success are massively diminished. In this concluding module you’ll get all the essential know-how that every young adult fiction writer needs. You’ll discover how to prepare your YA manuscript like a pro, how to craft an irresistible YA query letter, how to land an agent, how to handle agent phone calls, how to submit your work to a publisher, how to negotiate contracts and advances, how to successfully self-publish your YA novel. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to finally getting the success your young adult fiction novel deserves!

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