You, a Bestselling Young Adult Fiction Writer?

It’s no secret that young adult novels are today’s most exciting category of fiction

Thanks to bestsellers like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight and Divergent young adult fiction has exploded over the past decade.

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The Hunger Games - Young Adult Fiction bestseller

Yet, despite its immense popularity – and despite the fact that publishers and filmmakers are actively searching for the next blockbuster YA novels – very little has been created to help aspiring writers like you learn the intricacies of writing teenage fiction.

Until now.

Introducing the ‘Write Young Adult Fiction’ course!

A comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow online course that teaches you how to write chart-topping teenage fiction – even if you haven’t written a word since high school.

You’ll discover exactly how to generate winning YA ideas, then turn them into polished stories that captivate the hearts and minds of young adult readers.

And along the way, you’ll uncover the closely-guarded tips, tricks and techniques used by top-selling young adult writers like Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins and John Green.

Here are just a few of the vital skills you’ll master through this powerful course:


How to awaken your inner teenager and think like a teen!


How to see the world through a teenager’s eyes (most YA writers get this embarrassingly wrong!).


How to ‘kill’ your adult perspective and relate to teens, like a teenager!


How to tackle sex, drugs and violence (and get the crucial thumbs up from parents and teachers!).


How handle delicate issues like racism and homophobia.


How and when to use profanity in your stories (and how to know when you’ve overstepped the mark).


How to let your teen characters confront bullying and rejection in the real world (as well as the virtual one many teenagers live in).


How to develop an authentic teen voice.


How to make your characters make decisions like a teenager (and NOT like an adult!).


How to talk like a teen (there’s a fine balance between using their language, and using that language and looking bad doing it!).


How to spot and edit out the grown-up voice that has crept into your story.


How to create characters and stories that feel real to teenagers - even when their world often feels like another planet.


How to avoid the number one story-killing mistake that almost every novice YA writer makes.


How to write stories that teenagers identify with more intensely than adult readers do.


How to execute your YA ideas with excellence.


How to overcome S.N.I syndrome. You probably already have this - yet it virtually guarantees your YAF won’t get published.


How to draft, redraft, finesse and polish your YA manuscript to complete perfection.


How to get your YA book published (in step-by-step detail).

And so much more.

Each lesson is packed with insider intel, skill-building action points and lots of hand-picked examples. There’s never been a more comprehensive, step-by-step course created exclusively for Young Adult Fiction writers and there’s never been a better time in history to write young adult fiction!

Sadly, most writers who attempt to write for this unique audience are completely out of touch with it.

Instead of connecting with teens, they alienate them.

Adults are not teenagers. We don’t talk like teens, act like teens, or think like teens.

“That’s why the garbage cans of so many publishers are filled with failed YA manuscripts packed with clichés, annoying characters, and awkward attempts to relate to teens”

Master the Teenage Mind

On the other hand, through this eye-opening course you will quickly learn the way teenagers think. Their language. Their interests. Their fears. Their hopes and dreams.

Together we will navigate the sometimes treacherous, but often exciting life stage of a teenager. And we’ll uncover the issues that teens grapple with on a daily basis (the issues that most novice YA writers fail to grasp).

Then, we’ll show you precisely how to transform all this covert knowledge into words that leap off the pages and penetrate the hearts, minds and souls of teenagers with laser-like precision.

A Word of Warning:

As you progress through this course you may begin to reminisce about those carefree times of teenage rebellion, discovery and hope for the future. You’ll revisit some of those issues you remember as a teen – the thrill of your first major crush… and the devastation of rejection.

Your first love. First kiss. First heartbreak. First failures. First success. Figuring it all out, challenging authority and the trouble those raging hormones got you in!

From the very start of this packed YA writing course, we will unleash your creativity and allow your inner teenager to soar free! And by the end you will have gained an unmatched perspective into what makes this unique young audience tick so that you can work your craft with remarkable intuition.

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It’s YOUR turn to join the growing legion of credible YA writers!

Writing for young adults can be an incredibly liberating, therapeutic experience (and a whole lot of fun!). You can tackle topics and themes you’d never dream of writing for an adult (perhaps even right some of those wrongs you’ve carried with you all this time?).

This is why writing young adult fiction is one of the most enjoyable and thrilling categories to work in.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s easy. Of all the divisions of children’s fiction – young adult novels are possibly the most difficult.

That’s precisely why we created this jam-packed ‘Write Young Adult Fiction’ online course.

Your Keys to Young Adult Fiction Writing Success

Developed by an elite team of bestselling YA writers, editors and award-winning e-learn experts – Write Young Adult Fiction is a comprehensive 18-module online course packed with world-class lessons, insider intel, skill-building action points and lots of eloquent hand-picked examples for you to follow along with.

The course has been built on our next-generation LearnLock™ technology – which means you can quickly learn how to write young adult fiction from your Smartphone, tablet or computer (at times convenient to you).

What Will You Achieve with this Young Adult Writing Course?

We can’t guarantee you’ll reach the dizzy heights of a Veronica Roth or Rainbow Rowell – but we can give you proven step-by-step tuition and tools that enable you to craft the best possible piece of young adult fiction we know you are capable of. And we can navigate you around the many pitfalls that have sabotaged the success of so many other aspiring YA writers.

Who knows? With our guidance perhaps you’ll go on to create a great legacy by writing lasting YA classics that will be read around the world and loved by teenagers for generations to come?

Perhaps you’ll create gritty stories that empower young adult readers or even shape a teenager’s role in this world?

Get Started Today!

If you aspire to creating a piece of young adult fiction that you can be enormously proud of – then don’t waste any more time. You owe it to yourself to get the best possible training and guidance you can to achieve your full potential, while sidestepping the pain and frustration that so many other aspiring young adult fiction writers experience. Hit the button below today and begin your journey inside the electrifying world of teenage fiction!
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